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Jul 27 2006

Finding my way

Whoa, this site is genius. Okay, now moving on.

So, I’ve been working at Idea for almost 2 months now. I love the atmosphere; it’s such a change from working at Grulla, where no one cared–at all–about helping kids learn anything meaningful. But it’s still a roller coaster. Here are some initial impressions:

1. I know I’m going to miss the classroom. Just last night I found myself reliving a moment I had with my GT’s last spring and wistfully thinking that I won’t get to have any of those moments this year. I’m going to be living vicariously through Karen and my other friends who are staying in the classroom, and I think I’ll really want to transition back into teaching a year from now.

2. I love my boss, and all my coworkers. Tracy is fantastic. Plus, it’s so nice to be able to be out at work, to keep Karen’s picture on my desk and have everyone just be so matter-of-fact about it. It’s so rare here, to have that acceptance, and it’s part of what makes Idea special.

3. But I don’t like being thought of as a glorified secretary. It’s not what I signed on for. My best days are when I get big projects to take on that involve using my brain and my insights from two years spent in the classroom. Maybe it’s selfish, but I just want people to acknowledge the fact that I’ve got qualifications to do stuff. Tracy’s great about it, but others, especially the secretaries, are not, really. It’s a little irritating.

So that’s the big picture at the moment. I’m digging this new blog site and hope that I have the dedication to keep it up. It could be very cool.

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